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5 April 2018

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Included you will find information about our new book “My Caruso,” current information about the museum, as well as information about visiting the museum.

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Commendatore Aldo Mancusi — President


Our new book “My Caruso” is now available!

12 March 2018

Commendatore, Aldo Mancusi, founder and curator of The Enrico Caruso Museum of America, brings to these pages his personal testimony, based on the oral tradition lineage of which he is part, dating back to Caruso through the written and spoken testimony of Marziale Sisca, and his son, Michael. You are about to sit in on one hundred year-old conversations with Caruso. Included also is a pictorial tour of the museum’s extensive collection with accompanying commentary on the origins of each piece.

My Caruso
Hard Cover
100 pages
Full Color
$75.00 free shipping 

Please make checks payable to 
Enrico Caruso Foundation

Mail to:
The Enrico Caruso Museum
1942 E. 19th St.
Brooklyn, NY 11229

For further information, please contact the museum: 718 -368-39933

Gala Benefit Concert and Dinner

26 August 2015
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View and print the flyer for this event here: Gala Benefit Concert and Dinner

Join us for this upcoming spectacular event. It will feature an operatic concert in memory of the late great soprano Licia Albanese. The Enrico Caruso Museum will also be exhibiting some of the rare artifacts donated by Licia.

Following the concert there will be a wonderful dinner. The event will be held at the prestigious Athletic Club in Manhattan. We will also be honoring Cav. Uff. Aldo Mancusi for receiving the title of Commendatore from the Italian Government.

Our new affiliation

15 March 2015
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Download/view the flyer here

The Enrico Caruso Museum is now proud to be affiliated with American Italian Cultural Round Table. Recently Cav. Uff. Aldo Mancusi was honored with the opportunity to become president of the AICR. This new partnership will prove to bring amazing programs to the members of both organizations.

The first program we would like to present to our members is the Evolution of Recorded sound Presented by Cav. Uff. Aldo Mancusi. This program will take place at the Casa Zerilli Marimo on Friday May 1st at 6:30pm. Please see the link above to the flyer for more information. Please join us for this wonderful program!